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Yantai Nanshan University, invested and established by a large Chinese private enterprise Nanshan Group with RMB 3.65 billion yuan, is a regular higher institution for undergraduates approved by the Ministry of Education.


Mr. Song Zuowen, Deputy to the National People’s Congress, President of Nanshan Group and President of Yantai Nanshan University, input a huge investment and created the first-class operating conditions to benefit his hometown and repay the society due to the acknowledgement for the reform and opening-up policies made by the CCP. The university is located in an emerging and coastal city Longkou, Yantai with two campuses of Nanshan and Donghai. Nanshan campus is close to a national 5A scenic spot—Nanshan Scenic Spot, and Donghai campus is located in the Bohai Sea Coastal Forest Park. The university covers an area of 6,358 mu with the building area of 1,518,700m2, the total value of fixed asset of RMB 1.412 billion yuan and the total value of teaching instruments and equipment of RMB 222 million yuan. It has 1.869 million paper books in the library, 8900GB E-book and 8,686 computers for teaching. Service facilities such as modern library, high-standard stadium, international conference center, theatre, swimming pool and activity center for college students are available from soup to nuts.


Yantai Nanshan University was established in 1991 passing through 5 periods of vocational high school, vocational specialized secondary school, vocational training college, vocational college, vocational and technical college. It was upgraded to a private regular education institution for undergraduates in March 2005. Now, the university has 14 sub-colleges including School of Materials and Metallurgy Engineering, College of Mechanical Engineering, School of Computer and Electric Automation, College of Textile Science and Engineering, School of Nutritious Food and Health, School of Management Science and Engineering, College of Business Administration, College of Foreign Languages, Arts School, School of Modern Application and Technology, International Business School and School of Continuing Education. In addition, Aeronautical School is being constructed at present. There are 76 majors for undergraduates and junior college students, covering a great number of subjects and categories of Engineering, Arts, Economics, Management and Art with nearly 20,000 full-time students now.


The university is always holding the tenet of running school in accordance with law and integrity, following the higher education regulations and market economy regulations, taking responsibilities for serving the students for their development and success, serving the local economy and social development, making full use of advantages of independent management mechanism and system, and giving great impetus to reform and innovation of education and teaching. Sticking to the practical, open and flexible teaching concept together with the diversified development and characteristic development operating principle, the university sets the operating goal of building a cultivation base for senior practical specialized talents with high level, unique characteristics and big influences to meet the social economic development demand and cultivate high-quality practical talents; establishes the education and management mechanism of “Students as the Key, Market as the Orientation, Employment as the Target and Innovation as the Impetus”; builds the high-quality education brand with overall development of scientific basis, practical ability and humanistic quality and the employment brand marked with full employment and employment with high salary; and cultivates the college spirit represented with the school tenet of “Companying with Truth and Keeping Pace with Times” and the campus culture marked with the school spirit of “Independence, Freedom, Self-discipline and Self-improvement”. The university jointly carries out technical research with Nanshan Group, for example, two achievements such as “Woolen 180s/2 Ultrathin Fabrics” have been identified as reaching the advanced level in the world and other two achievements in scientific research such as “Development of Wide High-precision Ultrathin Aluminum Foil” have also been identified as reaching the advanced level in the world. Moreover, many achievements have been identified as reaching the leading level in China. According to the files of Shandong Provincial Human Resources & Social Security Department, the employment rate of undergraduates of Nanshan University in 2010 was 94.12%, ranking the first place among 56 education institutions for undergraduates in Shandong; and that of junior college students was 97.14%, ranking the third place among 132 junior colleges in Shandong. In 2011, the employment rate of undergraduates was 98.69%, ranking the first place among 56 education institutions for undergraduates in Shandong; and that of junior college students was 98.64%, ranking the first place among 139 junior colleges in Shandong.


The operating performance of the university is widely praised by governments at all levels as well as all walks of life. It has been successively honored as “Advanced Collective for Academic Management of Higher Institutions in Shandong”, “Advanced Unit of National Vocational Education”, “Advanced Institution for Cooperation with School & Enterprise in China”, “The First Batch National Employment-type University”, “Top Innovative University”, “Exemplary Private Higher Institution Construction & Research Base in China”, “Top 100 Strong Chinese Brands after 60 Years from the Establishment of China”, “The Best Satisfactory University among Private Higher Institutions in Shandong ”, “Achievement Award in Chinese Education Reform in the 21th Century”, etc. On June 4, 2011, on the ranking list of higher institutions at http://www.netbig.com, Yantai Nanshan University ranked the 1st place among private higher institutions in China and the 381st place among 779 education institutions for undergraduates. On the ranking list of Chinese universities engaged in undergraduate education at http://www.netbig.com in 2012, Yantai Nanshan University ranked the 157th place. In 2012, during the appraisal and election of Netease Education Annual Award “Golden Wings”, Yantai Nanshan University was included in “Top 10 Private Higher Institutions in China”, which was the only private higher institution getting this award in Shandong.


Sticking to a characteristic running and development strategy of “High-level Cooperation, School-enterprise Integration, Native Basis & Persistence in Tradition”, Yantai Nanshan University is moving toward a higher development goal now.