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Nanshan Training Center of China Golf Association Opening Up to Offer a International Golf Training Base

May 08,2012

Group photo on site
Address by Song Jianmin, President of Nanshan Group Co., Ltd.

Inauguration of the Australia Training Base of Chinese golf national team

Exchange of flags

Opening of Nanshan International Golf Training Center of China Golf Association
On May 8, the Nanshan International Golf Training Center of China Golf Association opened up at Nanshan Golf Club in Shandong. Presenting at the opening ceremony were Yuan Weimin, chairman of China Golf Association, Zhang Xiaoning, director of ball sports management center of State Sports General Administration, Zhang Hongtao, director of the Sports Bureau of Shandong, Yang Hongxu, municipal party secretary of Longkou, and Song Jianmin, president of Nanshan Group. 
Nanshan Training Center of China Golf Association is equipped with practice courts, comprehensive center of physical training, athletes’ hotel apartments, and high-quality 36-hole courts. It also has world-class golf technique and strategy training equipments, technique diagnosis and testing equipments, sports injury recovery technology and equipments, golf gadgets customization and debugging center. The Nanshan International Golf Training Center of China Golf Association consists of three parts: technique and strategy training ground, physical training center, as well as board and lodging and other functional zones.

Nanshan International Golf Training Center of China Golf Association

Nanshan International Training Ground of China Golf Association
The technique and strategy training ground is 400m long and 280m wide, equipped with three kinds of natural hitting bays of three-side surrounded court, transition grass, and long grass to meet requirements of various short game practices within the range of 50-120 yards. The sand pit practice area has various types of sandpits and sands popular in the world. The training ground also has Mini short game practice area, which is equipped with trajectory tracking and analysis system, putter analysis system, as well as lighting facilities that can meet the requirements of night training.

Large swimming pool
The function rooms of the training ground also import some world-class equipments, including 3D analysis room, swing simulation room, putter testing room, physical training room, physical therapy and diagnosing room, golf clubs debugging and customization rooms, information room, small meeting room, and exclusive shops.

Physical training center
The physical training center has world-class equipments and facilities, and it is divided into warm-up area of practice ground, athletic ability testing area, and comprehensive training center, being able to meet all physical training demands of professional athletes. The golfers who come here for physical training can receive thoughtful services in the fully equipped apartments.
The Cuiyuan Cuigu 36-hole high-quality court of the training center guarantees a good playing ground for off-field training of the golfers. As the hosting place of Nanshan China Masters Tournament, Cuiyuan court is a veritable playing court for tournaments; in addition, it has passed the inspection of America PGATOUR and thus possesses necessary quality and conditions for joining TPC of America PGATOUR. The Nanshan Training Center will constantly renovate and transform the Cuiyuan court so as to host the Nanshan China Masters Tournament and to provide high-level training services for a great number of athletes.
With the aim of scientific and comprehensive design, planning and construction of a world-class Nanshan international training center of China Golf Association, the ball sports management center of State Sports General Administration, the Nanshan Group, and design organizations together formed an investigation group and went to Europe and the US in April, 2011 successively. They went to many advanced training centers in the world such as Evian Masters training center in France, the EIPI, USPGA study and training center, US Titleist training center (TPI). Through the investigation tour, the group has learned and understood thoroughly various factors closely related to training centers such as functional layout, operation management, core competence, and facility instruments of the mainstream golf training centers in the world.
During the planning, design, construction and operation of the training center, the center fully incorporates Chinese cultural factors to form a Chinese culture atmosphere. It also blends traditional “five elements and eight trigrams” into the training center, facilitating the combination of Chinese traditional philosophy and dialectical thinking with the mutual generation and restriction relations and dialectical and materialistic relations of such factors as technique, strategy, physical ability, psychology, environment related to golf sport. In this way, the center provides not only the necessary grounds for practices, but the essential thinking for training of the athletes, implementing for real the training of high-level golfers centered on fostering golfers’ aptitude and capability.
As the training base for Chinese golf national team, the future Nanshan International Training Center of China Golf Association is an “AAA” general hospital and rehabilitation center and also serves as an incubator for enhancing competitive capacities. It will function as an engine for promoting the progress of China’s golf sport, and it will develop into a comprehensive training and R&D center which can offer best conditions, the most complete functions, the most advanced ideas, the most modern equipments, the most professional talents, the smoothest operation, and the most satisfactory services. Moreover, the training center will not only provide professional golfers and golf amateurs with professional services, but also realize self-development goal to foster talents and export ideas.

Issuing Special Contribution Award
At the ceremony, the ball sports management center of State Sports General Administration granted the Nanshan Group with the Special Contribution Award of China Golf Association to honor its significant contributions to the development of China’s golf sport.
As an important milestone event of China’s golf sport for 28 years, the opening of the Nanshan International Training Center of China Golf Association has drawn attention from industry personnel from various areas in China, and it has also attracted worldwide attention from such international organizations as PGA TOUR, EURO TOUR, LET, JGA, R&A, OneAsia, Australia PGA, and Augusta Club of the US. There were representatives from PGA TOUR, EURO TOUR, and Australia PGA present at the opening ceremony.

Laying foundation stone for China Golf Museum

 Another news: on May 8, the working conference on the preliminary and final competitions of golf sport of the Twelfth National Games was held at Nanshan, Longkou of Shandong. At the conference, supervisors in the ball sports management center of State Sports General Administration reported golf athletes’ registration, and announced the golf competition rules of the Twelfth National Games. Before the conference, leaders of the ball sports management center of State Sports General Administration, China Golf Association, and Nanshan Group attended the foundation stone laying ceremony of China Golf Museum.